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What Is The Difference Between A Modular And Civil Kitchen?

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen, but need some help making the big decisions?

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Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen, but need some help making the big decisions? As a homeowner, you have many crucial decisions to make based on what kind of look and feel you want for your space. The kitchen is the source of nourishment where the entire family gets to enjoy energy, vitality, and health throughout their day. But designing a kitchen is not an easy task. From selecting the right material to planning the budget, you must think carefully about all aspects of your project. We have to decide whether to take the traditional path with a civil kitchen or the modern path with a modular kitchen, well that is quite a challenge. Here’s a complete guide on what you need to know, consider, and look for.

Choose your kitchen smarter

The most significant difference between a modular kitchen and a civil kitchen is in its functionalities. If the modules of cookery are produced in factories that are located close to the installation site and then assembled on, then it is called a modular kitchen. When the kitchen is built by specialists with brick and mortar materials it is called a civil kitchen. When you get a perfectly designed modular kitchen from a company that specializes in them, you’re going to notice a number of improvements over regular traditional civil kitchens.

Dismantling And Assembling of Kitchen

Modular kitchens can be assembled and reassembled. Whether you are looking to completely revamp or simply refill, modular kitchens are very versatile when it comes down to changing the décor in your home. But in a civil kitchen, there is no option of dismantling and assembling of Kitchen because it is designed by a local carpenter, these are permanent and you cannot take them out as per your requirement.

Get the Perfect Finish

A modular kitchen is a type of kitchen that can be customized with different components that are made from separate units. The elements of a modular kitchen are machine-made. They are crafted so that the materials are welded together for seamless connections between the parts. Modular Kitchens are often chosen because of their sleek and smooth finishes. This is definitely not the case with civil kitchens. Because in a civil kitchen, everything is made manually by the carpenters. It entirely depends upon the quality of work that is being done. In a civil kitchen, even the most experienced carpenter will not be able to build the kitchen with a perfect seamless finish.

Storage System  

Modular kitchens are being built with custom storage options, you can design a kitchen with space for storing just about anything. When you get a modular kitchen, you can explore unmatched storage facilities with several modern options such as a rack for spices, cabinets, cutlery organizers, S-carousel, oil pull-outs, tandem and skirting drawers, janitor units, pantry, magic corner units, vertical tray storage  racks, vertical trays, magical corners, and many others. What would happen if you asked a carpenter to build you a kitchen that had lots of storage? At maximum, they will build cabinets, drawers, and other similar options. The carpenters will not be able to provide the latest technologies. The Storage Feature in Modern Kitchen is not available in Civil Kitchen. 

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Inconvenience – Free Experience

When you’ve decided to hire a local carpenter team to prepare your kitchen, they’ll be doing their job inside your kitchen and you will have to stay amidst the wood dust, the noise of the power tools, and dirt till the task is accomplished. Designing and building a civil kitchen can be difficult. It involves multiple steps which are all lengthy and messy. But we don’t have this problem in a Modern Kitchen. Because all the elements are factory-made so the professionals just come with these arrangements and assemble them without much hassle. Modern Kitchen saves your time and energy.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Kitchens can get dirty very quickly and might require a lot of your attention. One of the major problems that you have to face in a Civil kitchen is not being able to clean it. Because in civil kitchens, cabinets are fixed to permanence. It is difficult to deep clean hidden corners and edges. But in a modular kitchen, the elements are installed in such a way that you can clean the area. The job of cleaning and maintaining a modular kitchen is quite comfortable and often requires less effort as its finishes are smooth as the fittings are detachable. In this fast and instant lifestyle, a modular kitchen is a safer and simpler option as regular deep cleaning is next to impossible.

Types and Layouts 

We have 4 types of Layout in a Modular Kitchen and they are L- shaped, U-Shaped, Parallel Layout, Straight Layout.L- shaped

One of the most efficient kitchen layouts for the modern home is the L-shaped kitchen. This pattern works well for square kitchen areas or for smaller square-shaped kitchens that have a small portion of the space being used as a kitchen. L-shaped kitchens offer an easy and efficient workspace and allow appliances and cabinets to be installed along right-angled walls with an open area in the center.


If you aren’t confident in selecting the right layout for your kitchen? An U-shaped kitchen has furniture placed on all three sides so it resembles the letter u. It is known for its versatility because you can organize it by adding chairs to the table or an island. It suits best for any type of kitchen.

Parallel Layout

A parallel kitchen is simply a layout in which the cabinets and countertops run in two straight parallel lines, usually on opposite walls. The kitchen work triangle is therefore spaced out between the two walls, with the ‘corridor’ space in between offering ease of movement in between. 

Straight Layout

If you’re living in a studio apartment, this layout will help you to maximize space. The kitchen has one wall entirely devoted to installing the stove, the chimney, the cabinets, and all other elements in a proper way. This is also optimal for managing space in smaller kitchens.

But we can’t expect these types and Layout features in a Civil Kitchen. The kitchen is built by civil professionals using brick and mortar materials and the cabinets are fixed permanently hence modifying them is a very hard task.


This is the best part. Modular kitchens provide design flexibility to suit their personal tastes and the work is completed within the Budget. Once you give approval and sign off on a design, the price for that same design is finalized. The estimated cost and final cost remain almost the same, unless and until there are design changes. In a Civil Kitchen the Cost and Budget Oscillate. Your carpenter might sometimes use more durable materials than expected, which could increase the overall cost of the project. Going over budget shouldn’t be a surprise since it can happen any time, so always stay prepared and know what to expect.


In conclusion, a modular kitchen is superior to a civil kitchen in many aspects like design, finish, quality, etc. So, reaching a decision depends on your kitchen needs, kitchen habits, and the budget allotted. If you are still finding it hard to make a final call on your kitchen design, approach a professional interior designer and make a clever choice.

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